The initial composition of ALP will include the following tokens deployed in our proprietary strategy vaults earning yield through various strategies:

GMX: Governance token of GMX, a leading spot and perp DEX on Arbitrum

MAGIC: Governance token of Treasure, the decentralized gaming ecosystem bringing games and players together on Arbitrum

GRAIL: Governance token of Camelot, an Arbitrum native spot DEX with custom-built liquidity infrastructure to support builders & generate real yield

DPX: Governance token of Dopex, a decentralized options exchange on Arbitrum

JONES: Governance token of Jones DAO, a yield, strategy, and liquidity protocol for options

RDNT: Governance token of Radiant Capital, a decentralized, non-custodial protocol creating the first omnichain money market

GNS: Governance token of Gains Network, a liquidity-efficient, powerful, and user-friendly decentralized leveraged trading platform

Based on our recent simulation, ALP will earn around 54% real, organic yield in different native Arbitrum blue chips, and also receive $esTROVE emission.

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